01 Introduction

Spotlight on Financial Services

Whether you're a startup launching a new platform, or a major financial institution looking to keep pace with your innovation strategy, many of the hurdles remain the same:

  • Building truly innovative products
  • Successfully launching into a crowded marketplace
  • Maximising the awareness, growth and adoption of your brand

Gain Strategic Clarity

Focus is an invite-only event that will bring together industry-leaders to hear from Google, Kyan and Fountain.

The agenda will cover the latest approaches, tools and techniques that are driving hugely successful innovation and digital marketing strategies.

02 Speakers
Meaghan Rogers

Meaghan Rogers


Meaghan's focus is on supporting companies with their strategic development and growth by ensuring they have access to the best services and support from Google.

She was formerly the Digital Marketing Manager of Deloitte. Meaghan is based out of Google's EMEA Headquarters in her hometown of Dublin, Ireland.

Laurent Maguire

Laurent Maguire

CEO, Kyan

Goodbye Software, Hello Product - Laurent is CEO of Kyan, the UK’s longest-running and most experienced Ruby on Rails studio. Laurent will deliver on of the key discussion points of the session. New agile methods are shaping the entire development cycle of digital products, from minimal viable product (MVP) launch strategies to ongoing development. Should this sense of rapid and continual testing shape new business strategies from the very outset?

Marcus Hemsley

Marcus Hemsley

Founder, Fountain

Marcus is the founder of Fountain, a Strategic Digital Marketing Agency. In December 2016, they won 'Best Search Performance' in EMEA at the Premier Partner Google Awards in Dublin.

He is passionate about raising the standard of marketing through accurate forecasting and using data to make informed decisions.

Marcus has an obsession with studying what the most successful marketing campaigns have in common and sharing the core principles of creating a low risk, high return Digital Marketing strategy.

03 Schedule

An introduction to the event.

What do the winning fintech strategies have in common? Google, Kyan and Fountain will share with you cutting edge beta’s, as well as build, launch and growth strategies to ensure you stay ahead of your competitors.

  • 5.00pm Arrival
  • 5.35pm Introduction
  • 5.40pm Cutting through the noise – Marcus Hemsley, Founder of Fountain
  • 6.00pm Goodbye Software, Hello Product – Laurent Maguire, CEO at Kyan
  • 6.25pm Latest Industry Insights from Google – Meaghan Rogers
  • 6.40pm Summary / Q&A
  • 7.00pm Networking and drinks

1-13 St Giles High St London WC2H 8LG

By Invitation Only

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